14 February 2013

The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything

Let's face it: everyone wants to know what the answer to life, the universe, and everything is. It's the ultimate question! Therefore, it must have an ultimate answer, right?


I mean, shoot! People go on epic journeys across frozen tundras, blistering deserts, and climb the tallest mountain to find the wise guru at the top who has that ever-elusive answer.

Courtesy of Ziggy

Well, I have a little secret.

The meaning of life isn't complex. It isn't secretive. And it isn't privy to the hyper-enlightened mind, either.

It's so simple, it's almost stupid.

Kind of like this:
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

"Bwahahaha! Oh, how droll. How satirical! What social commentary! To think that the meaning of life could be so simple as 42!"

While the answer certainly isn't 42, it is rather simple.

The meaning of life is the person nearest you.

Disappointed? Feel swindled? Ready to make like the crowd in the Hitchhiker's clip and toss your popcorn to the ground and storm off?

Bear with me.

The meaning of life, the whole purpose we're here, can't be about money. That's easy enough to make and even easier to lose.

It's not about having awesome stuff, either. Fancy boats rust, technology makes itself obsolete every three weeks, and fashion trends are never as hip or trendy as we think they are (think those shoes or hairstyle is hip? Go look at your parents' high school yearbook. You're going to look like that someday).

It's not about beauty. No matter how many procedures plastic surgeons come up with, they will never outwit the Newtonian force of gravity.

It's not about power, status, or clout. There are always more powerful, better connected, and couthy people out there that will always leave you wanting.

That just leaves people.

"But Blake, Google tells me the world has over seven BILLION people living right this very second. How can other people be the meaning of life? There are so many freakin' people!"

How very right and resourceful you are, dear blog reader. Allow me to elaborate.

First, look at your thumbprint. Notice the swirls and loops. Look even more closely, and you'll start to see the ridges between the lines. In the entirety of human existence, there has never been a thumbprint exactly like yours. It means you're unique. It means you're special.

Face it, you're "thumb"body!

And yes, there are +7 billion people right now, but every single person out there is just as unique and special. 

There will never be another you, just like there will never be another him, or her.

Now, look at a clock with a second hand. I'll give you a few moments to find one (or, you can look at one here).

Got one? Good.

Watch that second hand tick by for five uninterrupted seconds. Go ahead, I can wait...

Those five seconds that ticked by will never, ever, EVER come again. Time keeps going, but those individual moments only come once.

Put those two qualities together: there will never be another you, him, or her. And the brief moments you spend with those unique, one-of-a-kind people only last so long.

If the meaning of life is other people, and we only have so many ticks of the clock to be around them, what do we do about it?

That, dear blog reader, is an excellent question. 

In fact, it might be the ultimate question Deep Thought was referring to...

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