17 October 2013

LOTF Writer's Workshop

18 October 2013

The English 10A class is in the thick of writing the literary analysis papers over The Lord of the Flies. Students have selected a major theme from the text that they feel passionately about, and will prove through their writing how author William Golding displayed that theme throughout the text.

The Writer’s Workshop process is a relatively new addition to the WHS English Department. The whole point of the Workshop is to help students strengthen their writing skills by critically and purposefully dissecting their own writing, as well as others. Each Workshop we complete focuses on a specific skill. For example, the English 10A just completed the first Workshop, which was focused on critiquing the strength of the writer’s thesis statement, main ideas, and supporting details.

Prior to the Workshop, students reviewed and practiced the traits of strong thesis statements, main ideas, and supporting details. Then, students break off into small groups to critique each other’s papers.

The process is a great way to help students identify their writing weaknesses, and give them immediate feedback to help them improve.

After each Workshop, students get the opportunity to make corrections to their drafts, and the process starts all over focusing on a new concept. By the end, if students put forth effort in the process and ask questions, they are very likely to have a near-perfect paper!

The Workshop process has many versions. Sometimes, students work in small groups and discuss their papers with each other. Other times, the whole class sits in a big circle and passes the papers around for timed edits.

This is the second time this English 10A class has gone through the Writer’s Workshop process, and hopefully, they are feeling more confident as they get more comfortable with the process.

I greatly look forward to the polished, poised writing these students have to offer!

Period 5 Students Workshopping
Photo Courtesy: Blake Tobey
Period 5 Students
Photo Courtesy: Blake Tobey 
The full class spread out in small groups
Photo Courtesy: Blake Tobey

Period 4 workshop groups working on their first drafts
Photo Courtesy: Blake Tobey

Period 7 workshop group
Photo Courtesy: Blake Tobey

Period 7 workshop group discussing thesis
Photo Courtesy: Blake Tobey

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