08 January 2014

A Brief History: The Eclectic Life of an Eccentric Individual

Blake R. Tobey was born and raised in the nether-regions of Western Nebraska. As the younger brother of a vicious, red-headed sister, little Tobey quickly developed world-class survival skills. Experts agree that had his name been drawn in a Reaping, the odds would certainly have been in his favor. 
Since his acceptance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was denied, he began his formal education at Maxwell High School. Upon graduation, he forsook the roots of his quaint hamlet for the sophisticated Midwest-mecca of culture and couth in Eastern Nebraska: Crete.

In 2009, Tobey graduated from Doane College and finished a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction through his Alma Mater in December of 2011. During his tenure at Doane, his passion for theperforming arts and travel were stoked and he brings that passion with him everywhere he goes, including the hallowed halls of Waverly.

Tobey was hired on at Waverly High School in the fall of 2009, teaching in the English Department and coaching the Waverly Speech team. Since then, he has taken over the Drama Department, producing the Fall Play and competitive One Act, as well as advising WHS's student-run newspaper, The Hi-Spot.

In June of 2011 Tobey accomplished his most impressive feat to date: convincing the talented, the beautiful, the vivacious Ashley Samson (a 2003 Waverly graduate) to marry him. There was much rejoicing. In a shrewd move, Tobey was able to negotiate the adoption of Ashley's dog, Juniper "June" Penelope Kawamoto-Samson-Tobey, and the three now reside in Waverly. The Tobey family is excited for the arrival of their first-born, a bouncing-baby-boy known as "Baby T" (also lovingly referred to as "Obi-wan Kenobi Tobey") who is due 08 April.
He can be seen around the school and community advancing his love forsweater vestsargylecardigans and caffeine.

With his roots settled firmly in the district, Tobey plans to have a dozen or more children and possibly another dog (but no cats).

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